Inflow Launches A New Shortcut: Inflow Brand and How To Install It On Desktop, iOS and Android
Inflow Launches A New Shortcut: Inflow Brand and How To Install It On Desktop, iOS and Android
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Inflow Launches A New Shortcut: Inflow Brand and How To Install It On Desktop, iOS and Android
Thuy Nguyen
21 days ago


In manufacturing, being able to manage the production process in real time helps monitor production processes, mitigate material shortages, and prevent quality defects. Realizing these needs in the industry, we knew we had to create a solution. The new Inflow Brand shortcut will help you to: 

  • Manage orders, designs, and chats on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage RFQ to streamline sourcing decisions
  • Record and report critical data across various areas (accounting, RFQs and control, sales & distribution, materials management, and purchasing. personnel administration, payment, and user management)

The Inflow Brand shortcut can be downloaded on desktop, iOS and Android. Once you install the shortcut, it will:

  • Have an icon in the launcher, home screen, start menu or launchpad.
  • Appear as a result when a user searches for the shortcut on their device.
  • Have a separate window within the operating system. Have support for specific capabilities.

Here are the three ways how to download the Inflow Brand shortcut on desktop and mobile phone: 

For desktop installation:

Desktop Inflow Brand installation is currently supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Linux, Windows, macOS, and Chromebooks. 

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Enable the notification to receive real-time notifications of your order from Inflow. 

Step 3: Click the install badge (icon) in the URL bar (see the image below) on the browser. This badge states that the current site is installable. 

Or the browser's drop-down menu also includes an "Install" item that the user can use:

Once Inflow Brand is installed on the desktop, it will:

  • Have an icon in the Start menu or Start screen on Windows PCs, in the dock or desktop in Linux GUIs, in the macOS launchpad, or a Chromebook's app launcher.
  •  Have an icon in app switchers and docks when the shortcut is active, was recently used, or is opened in the background.
  •  Appear in the app search, for example, search on Windows or Spotlight on macOS.
  • Can set a badge number on their icons to indicate new notifications. This is done with the Badging API.
  • Can set a contextual menu for the icon with app shortcuts.Can't be installed twice with the same browser.

For iOS:

The Inflow Brand installation process on iOS and iPadOS is similar to the installation on desktop. All you need to do is: 

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Tap on the share icon on the address bar, available at the bottom or top of the browser. 

Step 3: Select Add to Home Screen

Step 4: Confirm the name of the app; the name is user-editable.

Step 5: Click Add. On iOS and iPadOS, bookmarks to websites and the Inflow Brand shortcut look the same on the home screen.

After the shortcut is downloaded, log in to your account and enable Inflow Brand notifications 

  • Once the Inflow Brand shortcut is installed on iOS and iPadOS, it: 
  • Appear on the home screen, Spotlight's search, Siri Suggestions, and App Library search.
  • Don't appear in App Gallery's category folders.
  • Lack of support for capabilities such as badging and app shortcuts.

For Android: 

On Android, Inflow Brand shortcut install prompts differ by device and browser. Users may see variations in the wording of the menu item for installation, such as Install or Add to Home Screen.

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2: Tap on the browser drop-down menu

Step 3: Select Install app

Step 4: Click Add to Home screen. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by hitting the messenger button on the corner of the screen. Our team is always ready and happy to help. 

Download now to manage your order anytime, anywhere!


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