About Inflow

We simplify sourcing and manufacturing process for fashion brands around the world


Our vision

Becoming a global supply chain and on-demand manufacturing platform for fast growing fashion brands

Our mission

Empowering entrepreneurs to grow their brands globally by making the manufacturing process accessible, transparent and effective.

We believe the source of high growth starts from an effective and reliable supply chain.

  • Spending time on sourcing reliable suppliers can take months, and then the brand faces plenty of problems controlling manufacturing visibility, timeliness, and production quality from each supplier. Without an advanced, competent supply chain management structure, apparel brands and retailers struggle to meet consumer needs.

At Inflow, we ensure that each business has access to excellent supply chain management.

  • No matter if it's a small-batch order or large quantity production, our agile supply chain network got you covered. Effortlessly run test orders with small minimums and quickly scale up quantity based on your sales performance.
  • With our strict process of managing end-to-end production from sourcing to quality control, we help you setup and streamline your on-demand requirements without breaking a sweat.

Core values that drive us



With the mission to digitalize a fashion supply chain. We commit to bring innovative solutions into everything that we do for our clients



Technology is the heart of our company. We constantly analyze customer's insights and apply technology to solve problem for our clients at speed



Passion for problem solving and assisting our clients in achieving success. Passion is a powerful drive that motivates our team to work hard every day



Reliability defines us, delivering high-quality garments on time, every time, ensuring our clients can trust us to meet their manufacturing needs with unwavering precision and consistency


Quality standard

We maintain top-tier quality standards in garment manufacturing, using advanced technology and strict controls to ensure every piece meets our clients' high expectations for excellence



Our goal is to grow our business ethically. By demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible practices, we put the planet first

We are invested by regional and global investor


"They have grown impressively since their initial launch and funding with Antler, and it’s great to see that paving the way for this round, together with AppWorks, 500 Global, January Capital, Spiral Ventures Pte. Ltd., and Saison Capital."

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