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H1: Recap "Brand Ta Ra Tây" 18/11: A Leap Forward for Local Fashion Brands in Vietnam


Last Saturday, Inflow, a B2B fashion manufacturing platform, hosted a landmark event titled "Brand Ta Ra Tây" in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing together local fashion brands for a day of insightful discussions and networking. The event was focused on optimizing fashion production and expanding global brand presence, a crucial step for the burgeoning Vietnamese fashion industry.



(From left to right: Founder of Dottie brand, Ms. Khanh Le, Ms. Diem Luong, Ms. Doan Chu)


H2: A Day of Learning and Networking

Attendees were treated to a series of talks and interactive sessions. The first session analyzed the transformation of the fashion industry, emphasizing the importance of effective supply chain management. The workshop highlighted SHEIN's agile supply chain success, showcasing its adept use of data, smart supply chains, and AI for swift responses to trends, reduced time-to-market, and optimized inventory management. In parallel, Inflow's platform integrates cutting-edge technology, employing data analytics, AI, and smart supply chain management to give clients a competitive edge in the dynamic fashion market. Beyond technological advancements, Inflow actively collaborates with the Vietnamese garment industry, fostering growth and innovation. By establishing a symbiotic relationship between global brands of all sizes and local manufacturers, Inflow seeks to elevate the entire ecosystem and contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the fashion industry in Vietnam.





H2: Expert Insights

The event boasted an esteemed lineup of guest speakers, each contributing valuable insights based on their extensive expertise:

  • Erik Jonsson, Shark Tank investor and a partner at Antler - VC that invested in Inflow at the early days, shared strategic perspectives on investment in the fashion sector, providing attendees with a unique glimpse into effective investment appraisal.
  • Đoan Chu, former Marketing Director at Leflair Group, offered a wealth of knowledge on international market expansion strategies, drawing from her experiences in navigating the complexities of diverse markets.
  • Diễm Lương, a Production Management Expert from Dottie, delved into the intricacies of supply chain management, providing practical insights to enhance efficiency in production processes.
  • Quyên Nguyễn, an Investment Appraisal Expert from Venturra Capital, provided a comprehensive overview of investment opportunities tailored to the Vietnamese fashion landscape.

Collectively, their diverse perspectives enriched the event, offering attendees a well-rounded understanding of key facets crucial for success in the dynamic fashion industry.


(From left to right; Ms. Diem Luong, Ms. Doan Chu, Mr. Erik Jonsson, Ms. Quyen Nguyen, Ms. Khanh Le)


H2: Inflow's Mission and Capabilities

Inflow's mission to support fashion brands in their development journey was prominently showcased during the event. Our Tech-Enabled Platform excels not only in rapid, efficient sourcing but also offers the flexibility of MOQs, ensuring a tailored approach. Boasting a 48-hour turnaround with innovative RFQ functionality, advanced algorithms swiftly identify suitable factories, enhancing the seamless process.

The platform's strength extends to production management, delivering real-time updates—all within one centralized platform. With a vast network of manufacturers nationwide, Inflow prioritizes stringent quality control, instilling confidence in clients to develop various aspects of their brand. Moreover, Inflow's commitment to providing the highest quality standards, providing peace of mind for clients venturing into different dimensions of growth.


H2: Interactive Sessions and Networking

The event also included interactive booths showcasing sample booth display, tote bag designs and a tea break, offering ample opportunities for networking and discussions among attendees. A lucky draw added an element of excitement, rounding off an eventful day.


Sample display Booth



Viewing sample


H2: Conclusion

"Brand Ta Ra Tây" was more than just a workshop; it was a catalyst for change in the Vietnamese fashion industry. By connecting local brands with the tools and knowledge to scale globally, Inflow has taken a significant step towards shaping a more dynamic and competitive fashion landscape in Vietnam.


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